Sanni's autobiography "GEGEN DEN WIND" 

(available in German only)

Sanni Beucke's autobiography illustrates that it is worth pursuing your dreams - even if you have to endure a series of setbacks and overcome environmental obstacles along the way. Sailing is still a male dominated sport. Sanni Beucke wants to break that cycle and demonstrate that women are also deserving to be competing in offshore racing at a high level. 

With her book, she encourages women to assert themselves and empowers them to achieve their own individual goals. Her book is a tale of fear and loneliness, but above all it's about pure bliss and a deep infatuation with the ocean. A tribute to adventure and independence and an encouragement to dream bigger.


"It's sheer madness wanting to sail around the world solo. It's incredibly dangerous. Completely exhausting. And insanely beautiful all at the same time. I guess that’s what makes this adventure so special. When the gusts can knock you over at any moment, when the waves can batter your boat, when you hardly sleep and are left to your own devices, then your days become longer, then you experience every hour with more intensity, then the sky becomes clearer when the sun shines and darker when thick storm clouds roll in. 
Rarely do you experience such highs and lows as during those days and nights when you drift across the ocean alone in your boat or when you have to battle it out in light winds. You sail through a magical scenery out there on the ocean. And sometimes you pass the gateway to hell without any warning. Then either Mother Nature gets angry or you do. Or sometimes it's both at the same time."