I never understand anything over the distorted sound output of the VHF (very high frequency), not to mention French. My alternative is always to see what the others are doing. But I really don’t like this “attempt at catching up”. The language made my first month at the ocean sailing bootcamp particularly difficult. 


In addition, we often had a lot of wind and above all, I wanted to train manoeuvres. During the training, I often had to get on the front of the bow and I usually came back to my AirBnB, wet down to my underpants.


In the evening, I was usually quite tired, however the day was not over for me yet. Until late at night, I organized the days ahead or looked for partners.  Especially in the beginning, everything is new and I am taking on every task in my small sailing company. “All beginnings are difficult”, but that is okay because otherwise I would not have anything to report.   


Special thanks goes to my first partners: Dirk Weißenborn from „Bootspunkt“, Clemens Behr with his organisation „ Wir sind Wir“ und Tobias König.