The first Miles are the Most crucial Ones in a Race 

That's why I'm particularly grateful for partners who put their trust in me right from the start of the journey. 

main sponsor




Strong communication network

The foundation of all effective communication is a great idea, with a resounding effect. It is the key to credibility and Sanni's approach makes it look effortless. All communication activities (whether social media communication, audio and video campaigns, keynotes, workshops, events, etc) are planned meticulously to ensure maximum visibility for the sponsor.


The sailing regatta "La Solitaire du Figaro" is the most important regatta of the year. It leads the fleet of 50 yachts over 6 weeks in different legs from France to Ireland, England and Spain. Race villages are set up at the leg stops, attracting many visitors. Sponsors can use this opportunity to enhance their brand visibility. 


A sailing regatta is a superb possibility to promote your brand and is ideal for targeting a wide audience. Sanni will support each regatta with extense social media coverage across all channels for impactful storytelling that lasts. Branding can be applied to sailing gear, equipment or on hull and sails.

brand ambassador

Sailing allows for a high visibility and thus makes for an impactful tool for brands. Branding can be applied to sailing gear, equipment or on hull and sails. Advertising on sails is a beautiful way to expand your reach and convey the message of your brand. 


One of Sanni's goals is is to enrich the corporate culture of her sponsor by offering lectures on the subject of self-improvement from an athlete's perspective.



Sailing represents freedom. Sanni has made it her mission to convey this feeling, especially to those who usually encounter obstacles due to their impairment. On board all individuals are equal and the tasks assigned make them feel valued and content.


In sailing, gender quotas have existed for a long time. These equal rights have encouraged Sanni to embark on extraordinary adventures. She wants to eliminate deprecated thought patterns and empower all women to not let anything stop them from attaining their individual goals. Everything is possible - you just have to make it happen.


On board, you learn to scale back to a minimum. Sanni learned to appreciate how little things can go a long way. That expertise can be applied to all areas of life. Each product that we don't buy or that we reuse protects resources - and thus we contribute to protecting the environment.






“It is an interesting biological fact that all of us have in our veins the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean, and, therefore, we have salt in our blood, in our sweat, in our tears.”

John F. Kennedy

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