"Every adventure starts with an idea. Our imagination can take us anywhere. No matter where the journey may take us. The important thing is to set sail in the first place. I would like to encourage and inspire others to be fearless and take a leap of faith - even if the repercussions are uncertain. Because the best adventures are usually the ones we experience first-hand."


What women need is: expertise, encouragement and opportunities. These assets are at the core of the "This Race is Female Academy".


Because women tend to be less courageous than men.


Because knowledge is the key to success.


Because female athletes have to fight even harder than their male competitors to  raise visibility and increase impact .


It's particularly important to Sanni to increase visibility for women in traditionally male-dominated environments such as sailing. Since she set out into this male-dominated territory of offshore sailing two years ago, she would like other women to benefit from her experiences and to inspire their own journeys of growth. This does not mean that she is deliberately excluding men from her project. 

Sanni is a very focused, results-driven individual and she is convinced that diverse crews are best equipped to combine their different perspectives to build a comprehensively strong team. However, in order to truly create equal opportunities, it requires someone like Sanni to support women until they are truly an integral part of society.


In the Summer of 2024, Sanni will be participating in the "Tour Voile" with a mixed crew of five. Three females, two males. 

A race similar to the "Tour de France", but on boats.

During the race, the sailors are going to be challenged in navigation, intricate sailing maneuvers and, above all, perseverance. 

By participating in this event with the "This Race is Female Academy", Sanni hopes to encourage aspiring female and male sailors to pursue their goals and to continue on their own individual paths.



32, is a German professional offshore sailor. Beucke began sailing together with Tina Lutz in March 2007. They won the European championship in 2017 and  in 2020. In 2021, they won the silver medal at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. It was the first silver medal awarded in sailing for 21 years. A success that was earned through hard work and dedication.
Sanni has since ended her Olympic career to enter ocean racing in 2022. She participated in the renowned Ocean Race as part of Team Holcim-PRB in 2023 and is currently preparing to be the first German woman to compete in the 2028 Vendée Globe, an unassisted nonstop round-the-world race.


25, from Berlin, is a German dinghy sailor

transitioning to offshore sailing. After participating in several races

in the Mediterranean with the German Team RAFALE, as well as in

the RORC Transatlantic Race and the C600, she joined the same

team as Moriz as a trimmer on the TP52 “Red Bandit”. Last year, she

also gained experience in double-handed racing. Besides sailing,

she is pursuing her master's degree in mechanical engineering in

Munich. She is looking forward to participating in the Tour Voile,

racing along the French coast.


22, from Munich, Germany. Currently he is

studying Business Management in Berlin and working for Digital

Yacht, a company that specialises in marine electronics. His sailing

career started in the 29er class in the UK from which he then moved

to the German Bundesliga to compete for a few years in the J70

representing the BYC. The move to big boats happened as he

started to sail Offshore regattas in the Baltic and North Sea (incl.

Fastnet 2019) and Clubswan50 onboard the Earlybird team. Now he

is Bowman and trimmer onboard the TP52 Red Bandit competing

in the offshore circuit in the Mediterranean (Rolex giraglia winner

2023, Copa del Rey winner 2022, ORC Worlds 2023 third place).


26, from Kiel, Germany, is a sailor and naval

architecture student. She began her career as a skipper in the

worldwide charter business after school, eventually discovering her

passion for offshore racing and pursuing her dream of becoming a

professional sailor. In addition to planning her participation in the

Tour Voile, this year she will skipper a SunFast 30od in the RORC

Griffin24 Project, tackle several 600-mile double-handed races, and

compete in numerous inshore races.


24, from Gran Canaria, Spain, is a naval architect

and engineer. He discovered offshore racing around the Canary

Islands, where he started sailing from a young age. He studied in

Southampton where he had the opportunity to get immersed in the

yacht racing scene of the Solent, doing inshore and offshore

regattas. On top of being part of the Team Sanni Beucke Sailing for

the Tour Voile 2024, he will be sailing on Figaro 2 in IRC regattas and

participating in the 6mR Open European

Championships in Sanxenxo.


„We are very lucky that Sanni is offering her support in providing her boat and  extensive training sessions, hence covering the majority of expenses. 

However, there are still about €10,000 we need to cover and are asking for your support for. Here is a breakdown of the things we need to finance:“

1. Accommodation (Team & Shore Crew) ~ €2,400 

2. Catering ~ 2.000€ 

3. Travel ~ 800€ 

4. Logistics Regatta ~ 400€ 

5. Class Registration ~ 1000€ 

Thanks for your support!
Charlotte, Sophie, Daniel and Moriz