"Every adventure starts with an idea. Our imagination can take us anywhere. No matter where the journey may take us. The important thing is to set sail in the first place. I would like to encourage and inspire others to be fearless and take a leap of faith - even if the repercussions are uncertain. Because the best adventures are usually the ones we experience first-hand."


What women need is: expertise, encouragement and opportunities. These assets are at the core of the "This Race is Female Academy".


Our world is primarily controlled by what we see. This translates into our thoughts and behaviors. That's why it's particularly important to Sanni that we see more women in traditionally male-dominated areas such as sailing. She herself set out two years ago into this very male-dominated territory of offshore sailing and would like other women to benefit from her experiences and to inspire their own journeys.

This does not mean that she is deliberately excluding men from her project. Sann is a very focused, results-driven individual and she is convinced that diverse crews are well equipped to combine their different perspectives to build a comprehensively strong team. However, in order to truly create equal opportunities, it requires someone like Sanni to support women until they are truly an integral part of society.


In the Summer of 2024, Sanni will be participating in the "Tour Voile" with a mixed crew of four. Three females, one male. 

A race similar to the "Tour de France", but on boats.

During the race, the sailors are going to be challenged in navigation, intricate sailing maneuvers and, above all, perseverance. 

By participating in this event with the "This Race is Female Academy", Sanni hopes to encourage women to pursue their goals and to continue on their individual paths.