Within a short amount of time, my team and I were able to build an offshore sailing campaign with a purpose. A purpose that is dear to me and that I support 100%. 
With „This Race is Female“, we’ve created a campaign with the overall aim to empower women to overcome obstacles and master any challenges they might be facing. 
I am exactly that woman! 
In joining an extraordinarily experienced team of professional sailors at The Ocean Race, I’ve accepted an immeasurable challenge. A challenge that will test me physically and mentally, as a sailor but also as a woman in a very male dominated sport. 

A sport, where women don’t necessarily have a disadvantage, yet they face adversity when it comes to standing their ground and finding acceptance amongst male competitors.
 With my campaign „This Race is Female”, my participation in „The Ocean Race 2023“ and my aim towards competing at the „Vendee Globe 2028“, I wish to evoke change in the perception of women everywhere. 
 I strive to empower and inspire on this exciting journey and instill a message of strength, resilience and confidence in every girl and every woman around the globe.

women need more visibility

In sailing, in competitive sports - in all areas. To draw attention to this, Sanni is launching her new career in offshore sailing with the campaign #thisraceisfemale. Sanni wants to show that anything is possible. You just have to do it. Boundaries are there to be pushed - whether it's in your own head or in society.

women need role models

Role models inspire, motivate, and show new possibilities for one's own development. This is especially important for women because they can then see this kind of performance as achievable. This particularly applies in areas that are clearly dominated by men - such as offshore sailing. For Sanni, circumnavigator Ellen MacArthur was such a role model. Now she wants to be one herself for other women and girls. Sanni wants to help break out of old ways of thinking and empower women to set big goals for themselves.


Female sailors don't want to be treated differently because of their gender. They do the same job on the same boats. And they do it really well. Especially offshore, they can show what they've got. Because the long distances are all about willpower, willingness to take risks, the spirit of adventure and a strong mindset.



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